Top 10 tweaks for iOS

Due to the rigidity of Apple you surely have noticed by now that there are no tweaks available in the AppStore. As a direct consequence you are unable to personalize your iOS device. On the other hand, the Cydia AppStore is loaded with them, the only thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you must be aware of the impact each tweak could have on your OS. Keeping in mind all that, we have prepared a list of tweaks you could easily use on your iOS device, improving your user experience starting from the basic appearance of your iOS and continuing to the way certain apps behave and what their performance is.

Activator is a tweak that changes the way your Apple device can be used allowing the user to define a custom set of gestures and actions to control your iDevice. Your interface with your device couldn’t be easier and enjoyable.


Skyra1n is an app that comes to replace Spire especially for the users that had issues with Spire. On behalf of the functionality, just like Spire, this is a port of Siri. You won’t encounter any issues regarding CPU and RAM usage or battery drain.

If you simply want to tweak the background of your Notification Center, you should use Custom NC Background.

Safari has always been the internet browser imposed by Apple, but if you’re sick of it, you could always use Browser Changer in order to be able to use different browsers, like Chrome for example. Try this tweak at your own peril, you might not want to use Safari ever again.

If you think that your iOS is running slow, might be due to the fact that those pesky animations are taking a whole lot of time to load and deploy. As an answer to that issue, you could try to use Fakeclockup, a tweak that will reduce the animation running time, giving you the impression that your iOS is running much faster and smoother. If you are using an older iOS device, this tweak might be a must for you.

Barrel is a tweak that enhances the animation of pages, bringing something new to that old sliding pages mumbo-jumbo.

Switcher is the kind of tweak that brings a whole new dimension to the the app switcher. Now you will have a kill app button, an optimized brightness adjuster, a new music bar and a shortcut for settings.


Zephyr is the kind of tweak that will enhance your multitasking operating experience by removing most of the nuisance out of it.

For those of you that wish that their devices reflected a little bit more of their personality, we present you a simple app that will allow you to change the design of your keyboard and its name is ColorKeyboard.


AnyLockApp is the tweak that will allow you to access any app from you lock screen in pretty much the same way that you can already access your camera now. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

You don’t have to worry about the fact that there are out there just 10 tweaks for iOS devices. There are plenty more in the Cydia app store, you just have to have willingness to experience them.

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